Therapeutic Relationiship

As we work together I will be asking you to voice your thoughts and feelings openly, both positive and critical, about your self and about our work together, even though this will be difficult at times.

I believe that people have the capacity to heal themselves and their relationships with others. You must have great strengths that have carried you this far. I recognize that change can be a difficult process requiring determination even in the face of fear and sadness, anger and discouragement. Change can also be joyous, freeing, fulfilling and remarkably satisfying.

Your task is to remain curious about your feelings, thinking and behavior and to explore them in therapy. My task is to structure the process so that you and others who may be participating with you in treatment may recognize and develop alternative coping skills to add to your present resources.

If you decide to leave therapy before we have discussed your decision, I ask that you come in for a termination interview so that we may review our work together and process our farewell. It may well be that we will decide to stop therapy for a while and resume at a later time. Or, as many do, you may be wanting me to remain on your extended life management team and call for appointments when you have a pressing need.